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Dr. Blake has completed 12 years of university-level training in psychology, including her PhD from McGill University. She has worked in hospital, school, university, community, and private practice settings, with a focus on the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, anger management, and interpersonal difficulties, in both adolescent and adult populations. Dr. Blake is the owner and director of the Blake Psychology clinic.
2nd Apr 2014

The ACT Formula For Self-Compassion

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Be in contact with the present moment; notice and acknowledge your painful thoughts and feelings. Recognize and defuse from any urges to judge yourself harshly for your pain, using your observer's mind.

18th Dec 2013

Happy Holidays from Blake Psychology!

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16th Dec 2013

Interpersonal Relationships Radio Interview

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Interpersonal Relationships with Dr Syd Miller and Dr Emily Blake, CJAD 800 AM Listen to radio host Dr. Sydney Miller and his guest psychologist Dr. Emily Blake as they discuss the topic of interpersonal relationships on CJAD 800 AM.

20th Oct 2013

Understanding Perfectionism Radio Interview

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Perfectionism with Dr Syd Miller and Dr Emily Blake, CJAD 800 AM Being perfect is an impossible task. Join Dr. Sydney Miller and his guest Dr. Emily Blake as they discuss better approaches to life than perfectionism. Dr. Blake is a psychologist and the founder and director of Blake Psychology in Montreal.