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Dr. MacInnis is a seasoned psychologist with 20 years of professional experience. She completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. Her research was in “positive psychology” which challenged traditional views of what makes people “well” and satisfied with their lives and urged professionals to develop methods not only to help people find relief for distress (very important) but also on helping people find joy, meaning, and purpose in their lives (also important!). Since the time of her research, this field has truly flourished as have people who have applied these positive practices.
20th Mar 2014

The International Day of Happiness

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Did you know that March 20th is the International Day of Happiness? While we certainly aspire to enhance emotional wellbeing every day, this day has a special meaning! […]

14th Feb 2014

Tips to Romance your Relationships

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With February upon us, we can’t help but pause and think about our relationships. People in all types of relationships can benefit from reflecting, and of coursing enhancing, the quality of their relationships. You probably know this from your own experience, but our relationships have a great deal of influence on our emotional well-being overall and our overall level of “happiness.” […]

17th Jan 2014

Tips for Boosting your New Year’s Resolutions!

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 Even with the best of intentions, people struggle with their new year’s resolutions. Here are a few pointers to boost your chances of success. […]