Do you have fears and phobias?

  • Do you fear animals or insects such as dogs, spiders, or snakes?
  • Do you fear things in the natural environment such as storms, heights, or water?
  • Do you fear blood, needles, vomiting, or medical procedures?
  • Do you fear certain situations such as bridges, elevators, tunnels, or public transportation?
  • Are your fears excessive or getting in the way of your life?

Phobia Treatment can help you to :

phobia treatment
  • Overcome your fear of dogs, spiders, needles, etc.
  • Do what is important to you, e.g., take an elevator or plane ride
  • Manage distress in situations where the feared item may be present

Why treatment is important?

Avoidance of your fears tends to maintain them. This can also keep you from enjoying things such as trips, can make daily living stressful, and can prevent you from doing things you need to do (e.g., medical procedures).

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