Are you coping with post-traumatic stress?

  • Have you experienced or had to deal with an extremely traumatic event that included actual or threatened death, or serious injury to yourself or someone else?
  • During the trauma, did you feel intense feelings of fear, helplessness, or horror?
  • Have you been re-experiencing the event in the form of nightmares, flashbacks, or intense physical reactions?
  • Have you avoided things that remind you of the event, or felt numb since the event?
  • Have you experienced increased arousal since the trauma (e.g., trouble sleeping, irritability or anger, trouble concentrating, hypervigilence, exaggerated startle response)

Treatment can help you :

post traumatic stress disorder treatment
  • Find ways to relax, and take care of yourself
  • Feel less upset when re-engaging in life, even in the presence of things that remind you of the trauma
  • Come to terms with the trauma you suffered and create new meanings out of that experience

Why is post traumatic stress disorder treatment important?

Experiencing a traumatic event can be bad enough, not to mention coping with all the aftermath. Sometimes people feel guilty for surviving a traumatic event when others did not, or they experience intense levels of anxiety, irritability, and avoidance that leads to other problems such as difficulties in their interpersonal relationships, marital conflict, or loss of employment.

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