Are you struggling with shyness or social anxiety?

  • Do you feel nervous or uncomfortable in social or performance situations such as meeting new people, going to social gatherings, being the centre of attention, or being observed while working or performing a task?
  • Do you worry that others will notice how anxious you feel, and that they will think negatively of you for showing signs of anxiety, e.g., blushing, sweating, shaking, stuttering, having a panic attack, or not knowing what to say?
  • Are there places or activities that you avoid due to fears of being judged, criticised, embarrassed, or humiliated?
  • Is it hard for you to do things in public when others may be watching, such as reading, public speaking, eating, writing, using public washrooms, or eating alone at a restaurant?
  • Do you have “safe” places, people, or routines that you use to reduce your anxiety?
  • Does anxiety keep you from doing things you would like to do such as trying new things, asking for help, saying “no” to others, dating, making friends, or performing at work?

Social Anxiety Treatment can help you to :

social anxiety treatment
  • Learn about what leads to and maintains your shyness and social anxiety
  • Learn to identify and disengage from your critical and self-defeating thoughts
  • Learn strategies to cope with anxious feelings so that you can effectively engage in social situations
  • Practice social skills in a safe environment

Why is Social Anxiety Treatment important?

Shyness does not need to run your life. The world is waiting for you to join in.

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