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On Aging: There Is No Prime, Every Moment Is Your Prime, There Is No Peak, It Is Just Getting Better

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-07-16

Aging is seen as mostly negative in our society and there is a high emphasis on staying young. Youth is being portrayed as the be-and-end-all, the prime of our life, a state that needs to be extended as long as possible, and once signs of aging can no longer be denied, it is all downhill…

love your body unconditionally

Love Your Body Unconditionally – It Deserves It!

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-06

Our bodies have it hard today, there are so many demands on them. There is especially a lot of pressure on how our bodies should look. Our society has created such a small window of “acceptability”, and most of us (me included – especially as I get older) are outside of it. And, as we…