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Ms Catherine Leblanc, MA



Please note that this therapist profile is provided as a courtesy only as they are no longer working at the clinic.

Thank you so much Catherine for the great time you spent working with us!


I have been working as a clinical psychologist since 2006 following the completion of my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (M.Ps). I also completed the courses and internships for the doctorate in clinical psychology (D.Ps). I practiced in a hospital setting until 2012. At that time I started my private practice full time which I am currently continuing with great pleasure.

I am interested in the counseling, the psychology and the individual in all his or her human diversity. I use an approach that focuses on self-compassion, mindfulness and the somatic experience.

I am very interested in the practice of Mindful Somatic Self-Compassion. Meditation can be integrated with psychotherapy as needed to help clients reduce the stress on the nervous system and connect with themselves in a caring way through exercises they can do on their own. The psychotherapy component heals wounds deeply and teaches new mental and behavioral reflexes in a safe and caring therapeutic environment.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey!