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Ms Jeannette Dia, MA



Please note that this therapist profile is provided as a courtesy only as they are no longer working at the clinic.

Thank you so much Jeannette for the great time you spent working with us!


Hi there! Thank you for viewing my biography. My name is Jeanette. I’ve been a clinical psychologist for over 10 years. After a few years of practice in various settings in my country of origin (Lebanon), I studied for a Master’s degree in clinical psychology in France, where I perfected my practice with a varied and multi-ethnic clientele. Upon my arrival in Montreal, I completed an equivalency with doctoral-level courses at UQAM and professional internships in order to obtain my permit to practice from the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec.

My academic and professional career, which has taken place in various cultural contexts, has allowed me to develop a sensitivity to the various challenges and obstacles my clients encounter in their personal journeys, and to put the best techniques in place to help overcome them. I believe that with professional help, every individual will find the internal resources to achieve lasting psychological well-being.

In my practice, having been confronted with various therapeutic approaches (psychodynamic, mindfulness, humanistic), I take a so-called integrative approach that is inspired by several intervention models recognized in psychology. I offer therapy adapted to the needs and pace of each individual, in an environment of respect and trust.