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Mr Myddryn Ellis, PhD Student



Please note that this therapist profile is provided as a courtesy only as they are no longer working at the clinic.

Thank you so much Myddryn for the great time you spent working with us!


Hello! I’m Myddryn Ellis, a psychology intern at Blake Psychology and a Ph.D. student studying Clinical Psychology at McGill University. My educational background is diverse and reflects my passion for drawing on knowledge from different fields and clinical approaches–I have eight years of University-level training in psychology, biology, and neuroscience. I specialize in helping adults for the treatment of interpersonal difficulties, personality disorders, social anxiety, depression, and generalized anxiety. I am sensitive and knowledgeable about issues facing sexual minorities (e.g., LGBT, asexuality, consensual non-monogamy, and diverse sexual preferences).

Beginning therapy can be stressful and nerve-racking. Therapy is all about opening up your life and inner world to a total stranger, someone you know almost nothing about. It’s about hoping that this complete stranger can somehow help you in a real, meaningful and worthwhile way, maybe even change your life—this can feel like a big leap to take.

I hope that I can make that first step easier for you. My approach is deeply accepting and non-judgmental. I believe that our greatest differences are often the source of our greatest gifts and that our flaws are what make us beautiful. I am very passionate about the work of therapy and love working with people to help them achieve the goals they wish to achieve.

My style and approach reflect my playful, unconventional personality. I am dedicated to guiding you and helping you to become the person you wish to become; to facilitate personal growth and human flourishing. Along the way we might connect deeply, and maybe even laugh deeply, as we pursue your goals together. My main therapeutic approach is guided by my training in scientifically-based models of psychotherapy including cognitive behavioural therapy, person-centered humanistic therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and others.

I look forward to working with you.