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What is Christian Counselling?

Christian counselling considers all aspects of a person to be important  – mind, body, soul, and spirit. Christian counselling focuses on discussing the spiritual or religious side of life based on the teachings from the Holy Bible.  This is done so that someone can clarify or solidify their spiritual beliefs, or work towards solving a problem in a way that is congruent with their Christianity. Sometimes people seek Christian counselling because they feel lost, confused about their faith, or simply want to incorporate biblical teachings into the mental health help that they are seeking.

How does Christian Counselling work?

Christian counselling is a talk therapy that compliments, and is integrated with, other therapeutic approaches, in that it incorporates spirituality or religious aspects from a Christian perspective into the discussion about mental health and wellbeing. Typically, spirituality or religion is not part of the therapeutic process, which some clients might find lacking and would actually find helpful to their recovery.

How can Christian Counselling help me?

Christian counselling can help you to…
  • Explore, clarify, or deepen your spirituality or religious beliefs and practices
  • Get help in a way that compliments your spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Resolves conflicts that have a spiritual or religious element to them
  • Have a safe place to discuss spiritual or religious concerns

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