Are you considering Gambling Problem Treatment?

Remember the rush you felt after a big win?…And unfortunately, the crushing remorse after a big loss… But back to the big win, I’m wearing my lucky socks today. Gambling wins and loses can create a vicious circle, and admitting that you have a gambling problem can be very difficult, because it may mean giving up something that you love to do.

Gambling is inherently addictive by what scientists call an intermittent reinforcement schedule.

When winning can happen at any moment, and brings a rush of excitement and happiness, you can bet your last poker chip that it is inherently addictive. Since the next big win really could be “just around the corner”, unfortunately, it is this (logical!) thinking that could get anyone hooked and into trouble.  Why then, is acting on this thinking problematic?  Because it can hook people into losing not only their hard-earned money, but also their homes, their relationships, and their self-esteem.  Yes, the next big win could be around the corner. And so could the next big loss. And some losses just can’t be recovered from.

Do you…

  • Find yourself looking for the next big win, to solve your financial problems?
  • Use gambling as a way for you to temporarily escape your problems?
  • Feel bored or lack activities that generate the excitement you crave?
  • Gamble despite your losses, convinced you are ‘due’ for a win?
  • Expect the machine to pay out, given the amount of money you have already put in?
  • Feel embarrassed about how much money you’ve lost, and wish you could win it all back and then quit?
  • Know in your heart you need or want to stop but are struggling to do so?

Put your money where your heart is.

Gambling Problem Treatment can help you to:

  • Get back in control of how you earn and spend your money
  • Cope with any losses you may have incurred (financially or otherwise)
  • Learn to find joy and excitement in ways that don’t leave you feeling stressed, empty, or addicted in the long run
  • Work towards repairing the damages that gambling has done to your self-esteem or your relationships with others
  • Explore ways of obtaining sustainable sources of income and less damaging forms of excitement
  • Deal with surrounding issues that may have led you to gamble in the first place

Why Gambling Problem Treatment is crucial now

Gambling is risky business because if it gets out of control there is a lot at stake. Not just your hard-earned money, but also your sense of security, and the trust of those that are relying on you for care and support. Even if you are fully independent, financial problems can change that in an instant.

There are many ways to find joy and fulfillment in life, that won’t rob you of your dignity in the process. Therapy can help you to overcome your addiction to gambling.  Our services are confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental. We want you to succeed, and we’ll give you the tools to help you get there.

It’s time to bet on you.

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