What is Stress Management?

Stress occurs when we feel like what is required of us exceeds our emotional, physical, or mental resources. Instead of feeling excited and energized about tasks, you can start to feel overwhelmed or even demotivated and burnt out.

Life can be very stressful at times, especially when we have too much on our plates. Learning how to manage stress effectively is important to prevent burnout. It can be challenging to set priorities when there is so much that we want and/or need to get done. It can also be hard to say “ no”  when others are relying on us.

Learning how to manage stress can get you out of a pickle, and can help you put systems in place to keep things running as smoothly as possible in the future.

Is your stress level getting out of control?

Are you:

  • Frequently preoccupied or distracted by your worries?
  • Becoming short-tempered with people who don’t deserve it because you have too much stress?
  • Restless or sleepless because you don’t know how to cope with daily hassles or changes in your life?
  • Procrastinating or zoning out unproductively because you just can’t face what’s stressing you?
  • Having trouble meeting your work and family responsibilities because you’re too overwhelmed?
  • Starting to withdraw socially?
  • Having difficulty making decisions, constantly second-guessing yourself?
  • Starting to avoid activities you once enjoyed?
  • Spending little time doing activities simply for fun or relaxation?

Therapy for Stress Management can help you to…

  • Identify your stressors and prioritize where to focus your attention
  • Learn relaxation strategies to reduce tension
  • Make decisions and solve problems that will make a difference
  • Identify thinking habits and personal standards that may be contributing
  • Put healthy limits on how your worry without avoiding the issues
  • Reconnect you with what’s important in your life and put your worries in perspective (in their place)

Why it’s important to get started now:

Life is too precious to spend another day worrying unproductively. It can affect your health, your relationships, your job, and your enjoyment of life. Taking the time to understand your sources of stress and how to handle them productively, can get back to what’s important to you in your life. Don’t spend another day waiting. Change is possible!

We can help.

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