What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is when the outer vaginal muscles become involuntarily clenched, making penetrative sexual activity painful or impossible. Some women also have difficulty inserting tampons or completing a pelvic exam at the doctor’s office.

Sexual pain and difficulty with penetration can be embarrassing, stressful, and just plain not the way you envisioned your sex life unfolding.

Please don’t suffer alone. A professional therapist specializing in sexuality can help you to feel more at ease during sexual activity.

What causes Vaginismus?

The cause of vaginismus remains unknown, however it may be linked to anxiety or fear of sexual intercourse. However, as vaginismus is frequently associated with pain, the fear or anxiety might actually be resulting from vaginismus, rather than causing it. It can also become a vicious circle.

Vaginismus can occur across partners or situations, or may be present in only certain situations (e.g., with some sexual partners but not others, or for sexual activity but not for tampons).

How is Vaginismus Treated?

The opposite of tension is relaxation, which is a skill that can be practiced. Your therapist can explain several exercises to help you relax your muscles and get used to penetration slowly over time.

Therapy can also help to address any underlying fears or reservations that you may have about sexual activity, so that your mind and body can be at ease.

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