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What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is when you avoid or delay starting, working on, or completing a task that you know you need to do, but that you dread doing. Nearly everyone procrastinates on something, such as homework, paperwork, unpleasant work-related tasks, paying bills, chores, making unpleasant phone calls, exercising, etc. People tend to procrastinate when they don’t exactly know how to do something, they find it to be unpleasant, they lack the concentration to see it through, they feel overwhelmed, or all of the above.

While almost everyone procrastinates from time to time, others seem to be so stuck in this mode that it becomes paralyzing or debilitating. If you fall short on your responsibilities, you can get poor grades in school or a lousy review at work. Your loved ones can get upset with you for not completing chores or tasks on time. And your friends can start to see you as unreliable. Your own self-image may become negative if you feel stuck and as though you’re not reaching your full potential. Thinking “I’ll do it later” can be a pitfall – as tasks rarely become easier or more pleasant with time.

Procrastination can be a part of…

ADHD: Trouble persisting at boring or difficult tasks that require sustained attention.

OCD: Rituals taking so long that other tasks get delayed, or avoiding to do tasks that might trigger extensive rituals.

Anxiety or perfectionism: Fear of starting or finishing tasks when you’re not exactly sure how to do them, and you fear doing it wrong, or worrying that it won’t be good enough.

Therapy for Procrastination can help you too…

  • Understand what leads to and maintains the habit of putting things off until later
  • Enhance your motivation to start (and finish!) boring or unpleasant tasks
  • Use SMART goal-setting strategies to help you achieve your goals
  • Use time management skills to get things done in a timely manner
  • Overcome pitfalls that might make you slip back into old habits
  • Focus on getting the things done that matter most
  • Improving your relationships, because procrastination can impact others
  • Reduce stress and self-sabotage
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

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