Do you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

What are “obsessions”?

  • Are you struggling with intrusive thoughts or images that are unwanted, distasteful, inappropriate, intrusive, or distressing? For example:
    • Feeling dirty or worrying about contamination or germs
    • Needing to place or rearrange objects in a certain way
    • Fear of something bad happening because of something that you did or didn’t do
    • Repeated doubts (e.g., wondering if you hurt someone in a traffic accident, that you left the stove on, or didn’t lock the door, or doubts about your relationship or sexual orientation)
    • Aggressive, sexual, or horrific impulses (e.g., fear of hurting a child, shouting an obscenity, thoughts about incest)

What are “compulsions”?

  • Compulsions are behaviours or mental acts that you feel compelled to do over and over again, for example:
    • Excessive hand washing, checking, touching or repositioning things
    • Praying, counting, or repeating words
  • Compulsions aim to “neutralize” the distress of obsessions, or to prevent a negative situation or outcome from occurring. Unfortunately, the compulsions end up becoming distressing in and of themselves

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment can help you to:

  • Feel less bothered by intrusive thoughts, impulses, or images
  • Resist the urge to complete compulsions or rituals
  • Find more constructive and fulfilling ways of spending your time
  • Feel more in control of your life

Why is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment important?

When left untreated, OCD tends to get worse over time, and can go from being quite stressful to completely debilitating.  You don’t need to suffer alone – OCD is treatable! No matter how embarrassed you might feel about any aspect of your OCD, your therapist is ready to help. Therapy can be an effective way of freeing you from these distressing thoughts and behaviours, so you can spend more time enjoying life again.

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