Would you like to focus on personal growth?

Do you…

  • Think that you’re doing “ok”, but sometimes wish you could be living a happier, richer, more engaging life?
  • Wonder if there are aspects of your life where you could feel more at ease?
  • Feel unhappy with certain aspects of your life right now, but can’t really identify why? Perhaps feeling like your life is just not quite what you’d hoped, or expected it would be?
  • Desire to grow and develop as a person?  Be more the person you want to be?
  • Feel you could be living a life that’s more focused around the things that are really important to you?

Counselling that focuses on personal growth can help you to:

  • Gain clarity about what’s most important to you, and to re-focus your attention towards leading that kind of life
  • Get some direction and set concrete goals to create change
  • Feel like you are taking charge of your life
  • Feel excited and revitalized about your life

Why seek help for personal growth now

Personal growth is about enhancing the life you are living through the quality of your relationships, your emotional range and resilience, and making choices and decisions that are in line with your values and priorities.  Consulting a psychologist isn’t only for people who are struggling or at the depths of despair- you don’t need to wait until then.  By setting aside time to focus on your personal growth, you are setting yourself on a path that is rich and fulfilling.  You can create a path that can actually prevent some emotional struggles, strengthen your capacity to handle new challenges, and increase your overall life satisfaction.

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