Are you struggling with low self-esteem and confidence-building?

For some, struggling with low self-esteem and confidence-building can be a lifelong problem, whereas for others it can be a reaction to a recent setback or negative experience related to failure or criticism. When we feel bad about ourselves, it can preoccupy our mind, making it hard to enjoy things or carry out daily activities.

Do you…

  • Often have negative thoughts about yourself (e.g., calling yourself “stupid”, “ugly”, “fat”, or “lazy”)?
  • Neglect your needs and have poor self-care habits (e.g., related to eating, sleeping, hygiene, exercise, drinking, drugs)?
  • Feel guilty saying “no” or setting limits with others?
  • Think others are more important that you?
  • Feel insecure or nervous in front of others?
  • Have a hard time telling others what you think, feel, or need?
  • Wish you could have more confidence?

Therapy for Low Self-Esteem and Confidence-Building can help you to…

  • Learn to like and even love yourself
  • Be more compassionate and kinder to yourself
  • Clarify how you really feel, and express yourself to others
  • Be able to say “no” or set limits when you want to
  • Take better care of yourself, even when it’s difficult to do so
  • Learn the difference between self-care and self-indulgence

Why is therapy for low self-esteem important?

Our minds are excellent at beating ourselves up when we make a mistake. Building self-esteem is about learning to recognize what is unique, special, and good about you. Even more important than that, is learning how to develop self-compassion, which means treating ourselves with the same love and kindness that we so readily give to others.  Self-compassion takes practice, especially when we are feeling bad about ourselves. Attending therapy can be a great way to start treating yourself with the love, kindness, and respect that we all need.


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