Are you considering counselling for grief or loss?

  • Did you recently lose a loved one or beloved pet?
  • Have you lost something important to you, like a job or an aspect of your health or freedom?
  • Are you overcome with sadness and grief?
  • Do you feel angry about a recent tragedy?
  • Are you starting to question the meaning of life?

Counselling that focuses on grief and loss can help you to:

  • Gain support and comfort during this difficult time
  • Make peace with the loss
  • Find meaning from the tragedy
  • Discover ways to move on that honour the loss and make the most of the future

Why is counselling for grief and loss important?

When we lose something that we once cherished it can be devastating. We can feel sad, alone, depressed, angry, or numb. We might feel like life has lost its meaning.  It’s important to find ways to cope so that we can honour what we lost, and move ahead in a way that embraces what life still has to offer.

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