Are you suffering from symptoms of Depression?

  • Have you been feeling sad, down, depressed, or empty, most of the time, for at least 2 weeks? ¹
  • Are you less interested in the things that you used to enjoy?
  • Has your appetite or weight increased or decreased unintentionally?
  • Are you having sleep difficulties (sleeping more or less than usual, restless, early morning wakening)
  • Are you moving or talking slower than usual or feeling restless and agitated?
  • Do you feel tired or have little energy?
  • Are you feeling worthless or guilty?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or making decisions?
  • Have you had thoughts about death or suicide?

¹ Note: In children and adolescents, the mood may present as irritability rather than sadness

Depression treatment can help you to:

  • Gain hope, because change is possible
  • Overcome difficult thoughts and feelings, and re-engage in meaningful activities
  • Notice and cultivate positive emotions and experiences
  • Feel less affected by negative thoughts and feelings, and be able to let them go
  • Increase your engagement and success in the domains of work, school, social life, and home

Why is treating depression important?

Please do not continue to suffer alone, we are here to help you.  Therapy can help you to let go of negative thought patterns and to re-engage in your life.  Therapy can help you to move towards goals and activities that motivate and inspire you. Most importantly, know that depression is treatable. By learning what may have lead to, or maintained your depression, therapy can empower you to overcome an episode of depression, and to decrease the likelihood or severity of future episodes. Let us show how therapy can make a difference, your life is worth it.

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