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What if I don’t like my therapist; can I change?

Absolutely. You can change therapists at any time for any reason, no hard feelings.  We understand that sometimes people just don’t “click”, and that’s OK. Food for thought…. sometimes the problems we experience in life are the same ones that we experience in therapy. For example, if we often find people to be rejecting or judgemental, we might also experience a therapist that way too. If you think that you might be encountering a familiar problem, you might want to try telling your therapist how you feel.  For example, “last session I felt judged when you said….” This can be extremely helpful for you, because learning how to work out problems with a therapist can help you to learn how to work out problems with people outside of the therapy room. However, this is an invitation only. If you really don’t feel comfortable with your therapist, please trust your gut instinct. You can also contact the clinic director Dr. Emily Blake directly, if you are upset about something a therapist said or did.  Please keep in mind that therapists are human and can make mistakes. We try our best to be as helpful as possible, and are completely open to hearing feedback. By giving us feedback, we have the opportunity to adjust our approach to better meet your needs. If you are unhappy for any reason, please tell your therapist directly if you are able to, or please contact reception, or Dr. Blake. We value your feedback and take it very seriously.