Khaoula Louati

Ms. Louati is both a Ph.D. (C) in Psychology and a licensed RN who specializes in helping adults and older adults with depression, anxiety, self-actualization/development, and sleep-related concerns. She is also a mental health researcher affiliated with the University of Ottawa.
Ms. Louati has 6+ years of clinical experience in both public and private sectors within Canada, France, and Dubai.

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sleep hygiene

Sleep Hygiene

By Khaoula Louati October 12, 2021

On average, humans spend about 1/3rd of their life sleeping. This process of mental and physical “rest” is undoubtedly a critical part of human development and optimal well-being throughout the lifespan. The quality of one’s sleep has both immediate and long-lasting effects on physical and mental health. Poor sleep quality is highly correlated to worsening…

Moral Injury

Moral Injury within a Canadian Demographic

By Khaoula Louati September 3, 2021

It is for great reason that Canada has a global reputation as an international peace-keeping nation. With approximately 13,023,141 active-duty members (both males and females) and 658,300 veterans ranging between 18 to 93 years of age, the Canadian Forces (CF) are an important part of the nation’s image at home and abroad. These highly trained…