Would you like help for hoarding because you are buried in treasures?

  • Have you been accumulating too many belongings?
  • Do you have a hard time throwing things out?
  • Have you encountered financial difficulties because of your spending habits?
  • Is your living space compromised because you have too many items?
  • Have others complained that your belongings are getting in the way of your life goals or your relationships with others?

Hoarding Treatment can help you to :

hoarding treatment
  • Recognize why you over-accumulate and have a hard time throwing things out
  • Learn to have a safe and organized living space
  • To find fulfillment through activities and experiences
  • To feel better about yourself and take better care of yourself

Why treatment is important?

The person who accumulates too many belongings often does not see their behaviour as a problem; usually it is their family and friends who do! The problem with hoarding is that it can push others away and strain your relationships. It can impact your health and safety. It can cause you financial stress. It can create clutter, making it impossible to carry out the functions that you had intended for a given living space.

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