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6 Tips for Better Communication

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Communication is at the core of our daily interactions. We may communicate well or poorly, but we cannot not communicate. Effective communication is essential to good relationships, and no problems can be solved without it. All of us know how quickly we can fall into ineffective communication patterns. This is especially easy when we are tired, stressed, or simply feel overwhelmed by life.  In those situations, many of us use unproductive communication patterns such as sarcasm, being defensive, or using words that put the other person down. […]

The ACT Formula For Self-Compassion

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Be in contact with the present moment; notice and acknowledge your painful thoughts and feelings. Recognize and defuse from any urges to judge yourself harshly for your pain, using your observer's mind.

The International Day of Happiness

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Did you know that March 20th is the International Day of Happiness? While we certainly aspire to enhance emotional wellbeing every day, this day has a special meaning! […]

Tips to Romance your Relationships

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With February upon us, we can’t help but pause and think about our relationships. People in all types of relationships can benefit from reflecting, and of coursing enhancing, the quality of their relationships. You probably know this from your own experience, but our relationships have a great deal of influence on our emotional well-being overall and our overall level of “happiness.” […]