Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist

Ms. Beer-Becker's international and culturally diverse educational background includes having studied in Austria, Germany, and Canada.

She has completed nine years of University-level training in psychology, including her Masters from McGill University. Ms. Beer-Becker is a top-rated psychologist on Rate MD.


I decided to start the "" blog so that I could share my knowledge of psychology with anyone who wants to heal and grow. My heart's desire is that my words will be a catalyst for positive change in your life.

Daniela Beer-Becker

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infidelity - how to get over an affair

Infidelity: How to get over an affair in a romantic relationship

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist November 4, 2022

Infidelity in committed relationships is a huge deal. Most of the time, it is an extremely painful experience. It rocks its very foundation, destroys trust, puts everything in question, and elicits deep pain and betrayal. It turns the relationship upside down. Frequently the person who got cheated on wonders, “Was everything a lie?” It does…

stress versus anxiety

Stress versus anxiety – what’s the difference?

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist May 6, 2022

You have heart palpitations. Pearls of sweat are on your forehead. Shortness of breath makes it hard to get enough air into your lungs. Your mind is foggy, and you are feeling overwhelmed. You wonder, are those stress or anxiety symptoms? Stress and anxiety share many physical symptoms, and it can be difficult to distinguish…

signs of a dysfunctional relationship

What are the signs of a dysfunctional relationship?

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist March 25, 2022

You fall in love, it’s magic! Everything is perfect, you finally found your soul mate. Angels are singing, and unicorns are dancing on rainbows. Then slowly, some cracks appear. A disrespectful word, an unkind action, a shove in the heat of the moment. You ignore them, wanting to believe that your partner just had an…

emotional dependency

How to Overcome Emotional Dependency

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist March 1, 2022

It is absolutely normal to long for emotional support in a romantic relationship. It is actually one of the telltale signs that you are in a healthy partnership, when emotional support is present in a reciprocal way, both given and received. Most people’s life, like my own, is enhanced when they are in a fulfilling…


On Aging: There Is No Prime, Every Moment Is Your Prime, There Is No Peak, It Is Just Getting Better

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist July 16, 2020

Aging is seen as mostly negative in our society and there is a high emphasis on staying young. Youth is being portrayed as the be-and-end-all, the prime of our life, a state that needs to be extended as long as possible, and once signs of aging can no longer be denied, it is all downhill…

our differences are our strengths

Our Differences Are Our Strengths: How a Person Who Is Just Too Different from You Can Move from Being a Threat to an Asset in Your Life

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist May 11, 2020

It is normal to feel uncomfortable at times with people who just seem to be too different from you. The way they dress, their food, their culture, their sexual orientation, their skin colour, their music, their hairstyle, their gestures, or any other trait I have not listed here, might just feel wrong to you, like…