Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist

Dr. Blake’s is a psychologist who specializes in helping adults and teens with anxiety disorders, depression, and interpersonal concerns. She is also the founder and clinical director of Blake Psychology.

Dr. Blake has completed 12 years of University-level training in psychology, including her Masters and PhD from McGill University.

love your life

The blog series "Love Your Life" is about helping you cultivate a pattern of loving kindness towards yourself, others, and the world.
Love your life has two meanings: 1. Create a life that you love. and 2. Infuse love into your life; act in a loving manner towards yourself and others, even when it's the hardest thing to do.

Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist

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Dr Emily Blake at CJAD Radio

Interpersonal Relationships Radio Interview

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist August 12, 2011

Listen to radio host, psychologist Dr Sydney Miller and his guest, psychologist Dr Emily Blake as they discuss the topic of interpersonal relationships on CJAD 800 AM.