Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist

Dr. Blake’s is a psychologist who specializes in helping adults and teens with anxiety disorders, depression, and interpersonal concerns. She is also the founder and clinical director of Blake Psychology.

Dr. Blake has completed 12 years of University-level training in psychology, including her Masters and PhD from McGill University.

love your life

The blog series "" is about helping you cultivate a pattern of loving kindness towards yourself, others, and the world.
Love your life has two meanings: 1. Create a life that you love. and 2. Infuse love into your life; act in a loving manner towards yourself and others, even when it's the hardest thing to do.

Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist

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Psychologist Dr. Emily Blake Discusses Crowd Anxiety on CBC Radio One Quebec’s Show “Breakaway” With Host Alison Brunette

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist July 12, 2023

Ready to conquer your crowd anxiety? Tune into CBC Radio One Quebec’s interview with Psychologist Dr. Emily Blake. In this engaging conversation, Dr. Blake delves deeper into the nuances of fear and phobia, providing a fresh perspective on managing crowd-related anxieties. She shares practical tips on embracing fear, practicing self-compassion, and using mindfulness techniques to…

Psychologist Dr. Emily Blake Talks About the Fear of Crowds on CBC Radio One Montreal’s “Let’s Go” With Host Sabrina Marandola

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist July 12, 2023

Ever felt your heart race at the thought of stepping into a crowd? You’re not alone. Dive into our exclusive chat with Dr. Emily Blake, a seasoned psychologist and expert in tackling anxiety disorders. In this candid conversation, she shares practical tips to help you navigate crowded spaces, distinguish between discomfort and a phobia, and…

Mental Health Myths and Facts

Mental Health Myths and Facts

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist June 17, 2021

Myth: Crying is weak. Fact: Crying is a normal biological process. Just as noses sneeze and butts fart, eyes cry. This doesn’t mean you have to like crying, (who doesn’t try to avoid eating a bean burrito before getting a massage?) it just means that crying is part of life. Ironically, I heard that squeezing…


By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist December 22, 2020

Do you tend to hold grudges? Ruminating over and over about how someone harmed you, and what they should have done instead? Perhaps telling others (over and over) about what happened and how wrong it was? It’s understandable, no one likes to be harmed, we naturally seek and want justice, and want others to validate…

blake psychology open after covid-19

Our Psychologists will be ready to see you for in-person appointments again!

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist June 11, 2020

For the past few months, our psychologists and therapists have been working hard to keep services going remotely at a time of increased pressure and social distancing during a lockdown that has been putting a strain on everyone’s sense of wellbeing. We are happy to announce that as of June 15th, many of our therapists…

black lives matter

Black Lives Matter

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist June 8, 2020

Many people get confused by the phrase “Black Lives Matter” because they say “All Lives Matter”. And while it’s true that all lives matter, the behaviour of societies, governments, and people do not reflect that all lives matter, or matter equally. The senseless violence that we have seen recently in the US and in our…