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Hi, I'm Dr Josée Pépin, Psychologist and Onirologist.

I have been practicing psychology for over 25 years.

Dr Josée Pépin

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Dr Josée Pépin, PhD

Psychologist, Onirologist

Licensed Psychologist with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, OPQ #: 11380-09

Hi, my name is Josée Pépin, I am a psychologist and onirologist. I hold a Doctorate in Psychology and a Certificate in Addiction Intervention from the University of Montreal. I also hold an Attestation of Competency in Oneirology (study of dreams) from the E.V.E.R. center in France.

I have been practicing psychology for over 25 years. During my career, I have worked in research, teaching and intervention with a variety of clients including children, adolescents, adults and couples. I have been teaching addiction intervention at the university level for 20 years as a lecturer. For 13 years, I also practiced in a school setting with children and adolescents with academic, emotional and behavioural difficulties. In parallel, I have been using dream analysis for several years to help clients explore and better understand their problems.

At the Blake Psychology Clinic, I offer individual therapy for relationship difficulties, mood and anxiety disorders, addiction and a variety of other issues. I also assess children and adolescents with learning and attentional difficulties and provide support to parents on the challenges they face. In addition, I provide clinical supervision on child assessment and addiction intervention.

In therapy, I use several recognized psychological approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy, brief therapy, the humanistic approach, the psychodynamic approach and dream analysis, depending on the problems and needs of the clients.

— Josée Pépin

25+ years of professional experience

University-Level Training in Psychology

PhD in psychology – research and intervention

Université de Montréal

Master’s degree in psychology

Université de Montréal

Certificate in addiction intervention

University of Montreal

Certified in Onirology

Centre E.V.E.R., Paris, France