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Hi, I'm Dr Shireen, Clinical Psychologist.

My goal is to help you find and access your own inner capacity for healing and problem solving towards living a fulfilling and enriched life.


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Dr Huma Shireen, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Psychologist with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, OPQ #: 15026-23

I am a clinical psychologist licensed with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. I completed my doctoral training in clinical psychology at McGill University. I have also completed Master’s training in counselling and clinical psychology and counselling psychology at Adler Graduate School and the University of Toronto, respectively.

Through my varied graduate work, I bring experience working with people with complex mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, major depression, anxiety disorders, suicidality, and personality disorders. I have also provided therapy to men with histories of domestic violence, pedophilia, and homelessness. I also have extensive experience working with people struggling with interpersonal/attachment issues, self-esteem problems, and work-life balance. In all my work, I draw primarily from the teachings of mindfulness and interpersonal biology to help my clients. I also use techniques from emotion-focused, psychodynamic, internal family systems, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

My primary goal is to help my clients feel more empowered by becoming self-aware of their own potential for healing and problem solving by awakening an inner wisdom that exists within all of us. To this end, I provide a poignantly compassionate, judgement-free, and mindful environment for my clients to fully experience their joys as well as difficult emotions and “have tea” with each of their experiences to learn from them and make better life decisions. My role is not to tell my clients what to do but to guide them in unlocking their latent trust in and expertise on themselves to eventually become self-sufficient and less reliant on a therapist.

To continue to best serve my clients, I diligently maintain my own daily mindfulness meditation practice (of nearly 10 years now) and regularly engage in my own psychological work. I also have a strong research interest in studying consciousness and the self through mindfulness and better understanding clinical disorders. I regularly keep abreast of the latest work in these fields.

— Huma Shireen

  • 3000+ hours of clinical practice even before graduating as a PhD, significantly higher than average
  • 3500+ hours of mindfulness meditation practice and experience teaching meditation
  • Extensive experience successfully working with a wide variety of differently challenging psychological conditions

University-Level Training in Psychology

PhD Clinical Psychology

McGill University, Montreal

MA Counselling and Clinical Psychology

University of Toronto, Toronto

MPsy Counselling Psychology

Adler Graduate Professional School, Toronto