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Hi, I'm Gérald Nickner.

I’m welcoming you to a non-judgmental and safe place, where my expertises helps you grow.

Gérald Nickner

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Mr Gérald Nickner, MSW


Permit from the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec OTSTCFQ #: NICG8709180, Licensed Psychotherapist with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec OPQ# 13892-20

Gérald Nickner is a social worker and psychotherapist with more than 30 years of clinical experience in the health care system and in private practice. For the past twenty years, he has worked in hospitals with people (patients and their families) who are coping with serious illnesses or those with a difficult prognosis.

His work with these individuals has influenced the development of a collaborative therapeutic approach based on the combination of expertise (therapist and client) to deal with difficult problems and situations: existential suffering, questioning the desire to live, grief and multiple losses, depression, anxiety, relational and communication challenges, professional issues, identity crises, etc.

During the same period, he participated in the development and sharing of knowledge in the field of psychosocial support and psychotherapy through his involvement in clinical research, publication and teaching of health professionals and volunteers. He is a trainer in the program of continued education in palliative care (Faculty of Medicine of Laval University) and offers supervision to psychotherapy professionals in his field of expertise.

Gérald’s work experience has fostered the development of approaches that can help people to identify the best solutions for themselves, based on scientific principles and knowledge based on their own values and life experiences.

He is particularly interested in the development of the power to be and to act in the face of multiple difficulties: physical, identity, relational and existential, drawing on the ECHO (Crombez), Narrative (White and Epston) and Participatory (Gingras and Lacharité) approaches.

Through these approaches, the clients will be able to explore new ways of coping with the difficulties they encounter, as well as take advantage of these therapeutic areas to redefine themselves as individuals and regain control over their lives and well-being.

— Gérald Nickner

  • 30+ years of experience
  • Publications:
    • Les Cahiers francophones de soins palliatifs, volume 18, numéro 1, pages 15-32, 2018 “La pertinence d’une approche participative en accompagnement
    • Les Cahiers francophones de soins palliatifs, Volume 17, numéro 2, pages 57-61, 2017 “Mourir : un défi relationnel pour la personne malade, les proches et l’accompagnement ?”
    • “Accompagner des enfants dans l’épreuve : une leçon d’humilité pour les adultes”, Réflexion sur l’accompagnement d’enfants confrontés à la mort par suicide d’un adulte significatif à partir du film “Monsieur Lazhar”de Philippe Falardeau parue dans : Le cinéma du XXIe siècle : Des hommes et des femmes à la recherche de leur âme perdue collectif sous la direction de Marcel Gaumond, Les éditions de L’instant même, 2016.
    • Les Cahiers francophones de soins palliatifs, Volume 13, numéro 2, pages 10-27, 2013 “‘Se sentir pas grand-chose parce qu’on n’est plus capable de rien’ Quand le pouvoir d’agir nous échappe, l’identité semble inaccessible…” Réflexion sur l’exercice du pouvoir d’agir chez des personnes malades en soins palliatifs dans une perspective narrative et participative.
    • “Le développement humain en fin de vie : processus dialogiques et accompagnement” Essai déposé en mai 2018 pour l’obtention de la maitrise en service social.

University-Level Training in Psychology

Maitrise en service social

Université Laval

Programme court de 2e cycle en pratique participative en intervention psychosociale


Baccalauréat en travail social