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young siblings playing

My older child keeps hitting my younger child, how do I get her to stop?

By Ms Julieta Aguilera, PhDc | 2020-04-27

Catch Your Child Being Good!  Praise your daughter every time she is friendly, gentle, uses a soft touch, shares, etc. with her younger sibling. Try to be specific with your praise. Instead of praising for playing nice, provide detailed praise by including specific actions: “Nice sharing!”, or include more detail for older children: “That was…

child sound asleep

My three year old insists I stay with him until he falls asleep, which can take up to 3 hours! What can I do?

By Ms Julieta Aguilera, PhDc | 2020-04-27

Make a Plan Structure bedtime and discuss this new structure with your child: “Tonight I would like to try something new! What would you say if for bedtime tonight we read one story and I give you 3 snuggles?” Then introduce an incentive for independent behaviour: “After that, I will leave the room, and if…

Blake Psychology Therapists Remote Session Collage

New Remote Psychotherapy Services for Individuals and Couples

By Dr Emily Blake, Psychologist | 2020-03-24

Pointe-Claire, March 24th 2020 Blake Psychology is now offering remote psychotherapy to all new and existing clients In-person psychotherapy sessions are suspended until April 13th 2020 or otherwise specified by health authorities due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay-home, save lives Over the last 2 weeks, our team has been working hard to migrate all clinic…

being kind to yourself

If You Want to Be Happy, Self-Compassion and Kindness Towards Yourself Are Not Optional

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-27

Learning to be kind, accepting, and compassionate towards yourself is a prerequisite for happiness, it is not optional. The only way emotional healing and growth can happen in your life is if you choose to become your own best friend and cheerleader. Self-judgment, self-hatred, and self-criticism will keep you stuck, and sabotage your healing and…

healthy thinking patterns

Creating Healthy Thinking Patterns: Your Brain Does Not Come Up With Truth, and Thought and Thinking are Two Different Things

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-27

Let’s talk about your lovely brain. In order to have a good quality of life, you need to have healthy thinking patterns and understand that a thought and thinking are two different things, and that your brain does not come up with truth, but an array of random stories. Many of us accept any story…

the power of cognitive defusion

The Power of Cognitive Defusion: How to Let Useless Thoughts Go and Improve Mental Health

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-27

Cognitive defusion is a therapeutic tool, introduced by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a scientifically based cognitive behavioural approach. Those who have worked with me know that I love it and think it should be taught at every elementary school, which would alleviate a ton of mental and emotional suffering.  In order to have a…

learn to replace painful thoughts

You Can Be in Control: Stop Being Tortured by Your Painful Thoughts And Learn To Replace Them

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-27

In my previous blog, “Creating Healthy Thinking Patterns: Your Brain Does Not Come Up With Truth, and Thought and Thinking Are Two Different Things”, I invited you to write down a list of all your painful thoughts (aka stories, I will use both of them interchangeably) that leave you feeling miserable. If you still have…

your mission statement

Your Mission Statement: Your Inner Compass That Will Keep You Focused and on Course

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-27

My experience is that in order to thrive and build a life I love, I need to be in touch on a daily basis with my mission statement (aka my inner compass). That is, I need to slow down and be clear on how I want to live this day, how I want to treat…

there are no good or bad feelings - welcome them all

There Are No Good or Bad Feelings, Welcome Them All: They Are Your Internal GPS

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-24

Many of our emotions don’t feel good – like anger, anxiety, shame, fear, jealousy – so it makes sense that many of us want to push them away, trying to not feel them.  However, your life will work much better once you choose to welcome all feelings without judgment. Keeping in mind that there are…

How to communicate effectively

How to Communicate Effectively to Increase Connection and Intimacy

By Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, Psychologist | 2020-01-24

Today I will introduce you to the tools of effective communication so that when conflict arises, which is inevitable in any genuine relationship, you know how to bring your point across in a way that increases connection and intimacy.  Conflict is not the problem in relationships, it is simply growth wanting to happen and a…