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Dr Lavanya Sampasivam, PhD

Her skills were absolutely incredible. My outlook on life and myself is so positive now compared to six months ago. This therapy has pushed me to realize a lot about myself. Good and Bad! I am so happy and I never though I would be.

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Ms Joanna Rosciszewska, PhDc

Joanna is a passionate and intuitive therapist with an inquisitive mind for in-depth psychological interpretations. She connects well with her patients, conceptualises clearly and delivers her interventions in a thoughtful and skilled manner. She understands many of the skills that cannot easily be taught. She is warm, empathetic and curious by nature.

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Ms Lilli Janzen, MA, CCC

Lilli helped my family life get back on track, we learned to communicate differently and each have the space we need to define ourselves.

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Dr Hilary Duncan, PhD

Dr. Duncan is the best! I’m really happy to have her in my life. She really cares about you… She’s very real that’s why I appreciate her.

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Dr Nicole Roberts, PhD

Dr. Roberts made me feel comfortable and welcomed. She helped me gain control of my anxiety attacks and get my confidence back. I would recommend her to anyone!

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Ms Daniela Beer-Becker, MA

Working with Daniela was wonderful because she broke down the parts of my life that I needed to really look at , and because of that, I now know what I want to do going forward with my career ? thank you so much !

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Dr Vera Bekes, PhD

Dr. Bekes provided a high level of support and insight that allowed me not only to overcome a short-term emotional downswing but also helped to identify where these cyclical bouts originated. I was unsure where to begin with attending therapy, but Dr. Bekes made the process familiar and comfortable, even when dealing with uncomfortable topics. She has a way of sharing her knowledge that makes any of her suggestions feel natural and sensible to help foster a tool-set to deal with problems in the future. The appointment process couldn’t be simpler and she was very accommodating around unusual work hours. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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